Cell Phone Repair Store In Salisbury Offers Tips To Extend Life of Your Phone

The average price of an iPhone is currently $687, while the cheapest Android handset is $254. It is preferable to replace your smartphone yearly or pay a monthly lease cost if you pay close attention to the best practices for extending its life. An expert describes several techniques from a cell phone repair store In Sailsbury that you can use; applying the tips below will help you maximize your efforts.

Cell Phone Repair Store In Salisbury Offers Tips To Extend Life of Your Phone

You are keeping the same phone for as long as feasible, providing various advantages and improving the environment. Let’s look at some methods for keeping your phone running smoothly and for longer.

Always keep your display shielded.

Smartphone screens are among the most fragile, as well as the most expensive to replace if they break. Authorized repair shops such as Samsung repair center in Salisbury and apple phone repair in Salisbury may charge you up to an estimated $250 for an iPhone or Galaxy screen replacement. Instead of spending a fortune on repairs, purchase a sturdy phone case with a shock absorber and a screen protector.

Remove any unused software or photographs.

Almost everyone with a smartphone has experienced substantial delays that make using the device difficult. Most of the time, the smartphone’s storage or RAM capacity has been reached. This decreases the phone’s responsiveness and may induce some users to update before they truly need to. It is critical to regularly delete unused software, photos, documents, and text messages to avoid wasting space and money.

Turn off the phone regularly.

We frequently check our phones throughout the day without allowing them much time to recharge. Turning off the phone effectively closes all open applications, freeing up RAM and preventing memory leaks. Once a week, turn it off for at least a minute before turning it back on.

Solid Case.

After you’ve secured your screen, you should protect the rest of your smartphone. While there is no guarantee that It will not damage your phone, investing in a good case will give you the best chance of avoiding a costly catastrophe. This would be useful for people who are prone to dropping their phones. Furthermore, the case will protect the screen from drops and scratches.

Repair the damage immediately.

If the screen cracks, but you can still see enough to function, have it repaired as soon as possible by well-known cell phone mechanics in Salisbury. This isn’t only an aesthetic issue. As time passes between repairs, the interior components of a phone become more exposed to grime, grease, and debris.

This also applies to other types of damage, such as the unintended submersion of a non-water-resistant phone. Even if you can get your wet phone to operate again by letting it dry in a bowl of uncooked rice, the water vapor may cause further damage. In shops such as electronics repairs in Sailsbury, phones can be disassembled, cleaned, and dried.


Cell Phone Repair Store also advises against using outdated phones when purchasing a new one. Because of the operating system and applications, older cell phones frequently begin to reflect their age. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as other 2015 smartphones, are compatible with iOS 15, and Samsung has vowed to continue giving Android OS updates for the next four years. Although iOS and Android system upgrades are theoretically compatible with older devices, certain applications and operating system updates may be too resource-intensive for those devices.

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