Iphone repair vs. replace – A guide by a phone repair store

Iphone repair

Maintaining an expensive flagship phone can be costly. But buying a new one can be costlier. You can keep a smartphone for a long time if you frequently visit a phone repair store. Why is it essential to do so? Well, a smartphone can become problematic over time. And you’ll find yourself in need of repairing it or replacing it.

This blog post will enable you to decide which is best suited for you. 

How is iPhone repair cheaper than replacing it at a phone repair store?

With time, you might observe your iPhone’s productivity decline. It usually happens due to extensive use of phones and negligence of users. You can get fixtures for iPhones at any Apple phone store in North York, Ontario. 

No matter if the issues are minor or significant, you can get the most affordable rates for it.

Some of the most common issues that might be a hurdle in your productivity are : 

  • overheating or old battery
  • broken or damaged screen
  • Slow charging port
  • Fallacious camera

Any of these issues can make you think about buying a new one. However, these issues can quickly be addressed by a cellphone repair centre. You don’t have to buy a brand new flagship iphone to get rid of it. Any apple phone repair store in North York, Ontario, can fix it.

Repair Cost

You might think that the iphone repair cost is comparatively more than other smartphones. However, in most cases, repair charges are cheaper than replacement. It solely depends on how much it is damaged and whether it is repairable. 

There is no such thing as unrepairable devices for a skilled technician. You can easily find a great team of expert technicians at a cell phone repair store in North York, Ontario, unless it is completely damaged. You can get an online phone repair estimate.

If the estimated repair cost exceeds the replacement, it’s better to replace it.

Repairing is more environmentally friendly than scraping

It is always a good idea to save the environment from electronic waste. Because when you throw a broken phone into the trash, it releases chemicals that can harm the environment. You don’t have to throw away your damaged iPhones. Just bring it to an Apple phone repair store in North York, Ontario, for the best working solution.

Replaced units warranty

Some people pay for insurance or a warranty along with their new phone. In this manner, they don’t have to cover the entire cost of replacement or repair if it ever gets damaged or lost. If you have a good warranty, use it. Don’t feel you have to pay for one if you get a new phone, though. They often end up not being worth it.

Too old to be repaired

If you are still using an iPhone 6, you might find it challenging to repair. It’s now the perfect time to update your iphone. And if your phone is relatively new, the cellphone repair centre is the best place to visit.

Timely repair service

Another reason why you can be reluctant to visit a phone repair shop is time. You might think it will take way too long, and it will do all the necessary tasks you wish to complete via phone.

Apple iPhone repair can take a long time, especially if you have to leave your phone at the Apple Store or ship it away to get it fixed. In some cases, buying a new phone can take even longer, depending on shipping and how long it takes your wireless provider to activate the new device. There is a solution, though.


 You might be keen to replace your iPhone with the latest model available today. However, replacing an expensive iPhone can be heavy on your pocket. A phone repair store is more cost-effective. It is recommended to get it repaired instead. FixPoint offers a massive range of iPhone repairs at the most affordable prices. You don’t have to pay plenty of money to them for their prompt service. They deliver same-day fixes for customers.


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