How to Recover Shares After Death Of Original Shareholder

Physical share certificates were used in the early days of stock investing. Investors received tangible shares or debentures as a result of their investments in a corporation. Because they were in paper form, these shares and debentures were challenging to preserve and prone to destruction and loss. So in case to Recover shares after death of original shareholder, one must consider many things.

For various reasons, investors might lose or dismantle the paper certificates, such as moving or wear and tear on the share/debenture certificates, making it challenging to keep them safe. There might be a variety of reasons why so many physical shares remain unclaimed, as outlined below.

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Everything to know about Share Transmission

Operation of Law is a term used to describe a transfer of ownership of shares following a deceased person’s will. Any “statutory” reason, except natural succession, might cause complications for the legal successor regarding the transfer of shares. This includes but is not limited to death, insolvency, marriage, insanity, inheritance, bankruptcy, and other “statutory” reasons. You are entitled to all of the rights as a shareholder when you have already registered for such transfer of shares with a firm.

Sharing may be a pain at times, particularly if you don’t seek the help of a qualified specialist. As a joint owner, you may experience difficulties in transferring shares.

Guidelines In Case Of Death Of Family Member:

Following a loved one’s death, the surviving family must deal with the dead person’s assets. The deceased’s family members are often left with actual share certificates. These certificates may be managed in this way.

Check whether the individual owned the shares on their own or with another person. If this is the case, the joint holder will get the shares. It’s also essential to check whether the firm has been acquired over or merged with another business; this may be done by checking the share certificate to see if any nominations have been made on it.

After preliminary inspections, an application should be filed to the company’s Registrar and Transfer Agent or Share Department, with physical certificates and an attestation copy of the death certificate. If there are any joint owners, they should sign the letter of request. The request for nomination should contain a copy of the nominee’s identification papers. The lawful heirs must submit probate or Will to succession certificate in cases where no nomination has been made in the will or trust.

The original certificates must be returned to the DP with a Dematerialization Request Form to dematerialize the shares. The DP changes the new holder’s Demat account after verifying the papers. To demat the shares, the new holder must establish a Demat account.


A paper certificate was used to distribute securities before the advent of Dematerialized trading. Since these security certificates are printed on paper, they risk being damaged, misplaced, or otherwise lost. Occasionally, the heirs of a deceased shareholder have been unable to collect on the registered shares’ value. According to some estimates, an estimated twenty-three hundred million dollars in dividends have also been sent to the IEPF from unclaimed shares.

Investor Education, as well as Protection Fund (IEPF), was set up as a way for these unclaimed shares to be reclaimed by the original investors and any dividends or bonus shares that may have accrued as a result.

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