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Getting a PR from Canada is the gateway to becoming a Canadian citizen. It offers a five-year benefit to working and studying anywhere in the province. So, if you are an Indian wishing to get PR for Canada from India through PNP’s, continue reading this article to board your dream country!

Simple gateways to getting a Canadian PR visa

Owing to the economic and population crisis, the Canadian Government has paved the way for the Canadian immigration visa to provide a hassle-free immigration experience for individuals worldwide to gain Canadian citizenship in many simple ways.  

Here are some programs to get yourself to get migrated to Canada;

  • Express Entry Program for Professionals and Trade Workers
  • Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) for those lacking in Express Entry Requirements
  • Business Investor Program for minimum investors with an investment from CAD$150,000
  • Work Permit along with an LMIA if you wish to be a Canadian Employer
  • Study Visa for UG or Graduate students
  • Visitor Visa that must be changed to LMIA after arriving in Canada
  • Atlantic Immigration Nominee Program (AIPP)

Amongst the many, the Provincial nomination program (PNP) takes high priority for fresh immigrants. So delve in to know more to kickstart your Canadian journey!

Benefits of applying through PNP

  1. Skyrocket your CRS points of up to 600, making you eligible to apply for a pr in Canada from the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
  2. Not all PNP’s require high points, which means you can gain eligibility for provincial nomination
  3. Also, there are no restrictions on language efficiency for PNPs’ 

How to get a PR for Canada from India via PNP?

Now let’s delve into a bit more detail to get the eligibility for obtaining a visa through PNP so you can have a holistic understanding. Continue reading!

What is a PNP?

The provincial nomination program (PNP) is Canada’s second famous immigration gateway. It is exclusively designed by the Canadian Government to immigrate individuals and families into different provinces in Canada. The aim is to contribute to the province or territory, thereby improving the Canadian economy holistically. 

Each PNP has been aligned to a particular federal Express Entry immigration selection system. Therefore, you will get a provincial nomination upon applying for a PNP. From there, the federal Government processes your residence application in a particular province. 

How to get PR for Canada through PNP?

Don’t worry if you don’t get through the express entry. You can try this option that gets your pr canada from india to get yourself placed in one of the Canadian provinces depending upon the occupation and labor market demands. These are permanent residency programs that involve many stages. 

First, your application has to get through the provincial nomination from the province and then submit another application for permanent residence in Canada. For Indians, consider these five provinces;

– Ontario 

Known to be a famous province for fresh immigrants, Ontario can be a dream destination to make your dream a reality. But it would help if you had an active express profile to get through the selection. 

There are no set occupations in Ontario, but here are some profiles that are highly in demand requiring a 1-6 year work experience;

  1. Software engineers and designers 
  2. Computer programmers and interactive media developers 
  3. Computer engineers 
  4. Web designers and developers 
  5. Database analysts and data administrators 
  6. Computer and information systems managers 

PS: Unless you get an invitation from Ontario, please don’t apply for this PNP.

– Saskatchewan 

Good news! This PNP doesn’t require an express entry profile. Just have a year old work experience in the in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan. Also, this is a highly competitive arena where one must get through the OASIS system and score 60 on 100 in the SINP Eligibility Points Grid. So if you get invited via the OASIS, you can apply for a nomination. 

– Alberta 

This is the top-rated PNP for Indians, especially those with good entrepreneurial skills. It gets you a quick settlement in Alberta. Also, it would be best if you had an active express entry profile. Moreover, you don’t need an invitation to get eligible for the application. 

– Manitoba 

Have you been to Manitoba for studies, work, or recruitment initiatives? Then it is the best place for you to try becoming a citizen. But, first, ensure you have a year old experience in the in-demand Manitoba occupations. 

Secondly, have good scores on the language tests though not all programs require a compulsory language clause in their PNP application. But you will have to undergo an EOI test for which you will be invited to apply if your score is high out of 1000.

– Nova Scotia 

An exclusive Canadian province that is rich in financial occupations. You can find a lot of financial agencies, institutions, and organizations. If you are good at finance, try applying here for successful immigration and life ahead. Just ensure to complete all the paperwork to get through the process successfully.

Fellas, now it’s your time to choose the best immigration plan for you to have a successful future. But above all, have a mapped immigration life ahead with good funds and plans. Also, it’s best to consult an immigration professional for a smoother experience in getting your Canada immigration visa.

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