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Potential Signs That Your Roof Needs a Replacement

As your roof reaches its end, having served you for endless years, it demands a replacement. Roofs face constant wear and tear. From bathing in the sun to tolerating the harsh rainfall and snow storms; a roof resists various weathers and protects you in all possible ways.

This is the core reason why you must invest a lot of thought and research into choosing the right one for your home (given that it is shielding you and your family).

If your roof simply looks old and dull and it does not require a professional Roofers Birmingham replacement service, then you are failing to keep it well-maintained. On the contrary, if it needs replacement; you must do it as soon as possible.

A rough life estimate of roofs is 25 years. Some might end before that, due to shingles breaking up or various different reasons. But evaluating whether your roof requires a replacement or a repair is crucial. Here, we have listed some signs that clearly indicate the need for a roof replacement.

Potential Signs for a Roof Replacement

It is quite hard to judge your roof from ground level. A little close examination might make it easier or the following signs can certainly help you in differentiating.

1. Missing Shingles:

Missing shingles are a serious concern. This only happens in the case of a weakened shingle. And a good wave of a storm or heavy dust can take the shingle away. On the other hand, a poor installation can also be a reason for missing shingles.

If your roof has just been installed and the shingle goes missing; hire a roofers Birmingham service and get it installed. But if it has been years, you have to get your roof examined carefully and then determine whether it requires a repair or a replacement.

2. Your Roof has Surpassed 20 Years:

An average lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years. You must keep your roof installation, replacement, and repair receipts to get an idea about when your roof was last treated or replaced. If your roof has been in great shape for 20 years or above; get a new one as soon as possible. It has served you for a good amount of time and now requires a change, for sure.

Your Roof has Surpassed 20 Years:

3. Grit in Gutter:

Asphalt shingle roofs have grit on their surfaces. These grits act as a barrier between the shingle and the sun. it is quite normal for a little grit to fall. However, if a lot of grit and granules start appearing in the gutter, then there is an issue. If the roof doesn’t have sufficient grit, the sun can easily harm the shingles and cause them to deteriorate.

4. Sagging Roof:

A sagging roof is a surefire sign that your roof is in severe need of a replacement. Sagging only occurs due to structural dilemmas. This can happen due to water damage. You can get it checked by a professional but we recommend you opt for a new installation instead of getting it repaired. A sagged roof is never secure.

5. Water Damage:

Is your roof failing to keep water out, during rain? Is water seeping inside from the roof? This indicates a major roof failure and usually occurs when a roof has completed its lifespan. The roof is simply not doing its job anymore.

There are several reasons for it; poor shingles, unprofessional installation, or lifetime completion. However, it is important to get a new roof installed immediately. Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham is a great choice to make these days.

The Bottom Line

Delaying roof replacement only causes further issues which get harder to resolve. They require more time and money and cause a lot more stress too. If you are confused about whether your roof needs a repair or a replacement, you can hire roofers Birmingham company, like S.Tomic Roofing LTD. they can help you determine the need of the time.

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