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Plumbing Inspection In Texas: What Are The Benefits Of A Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspectors are experts who check pipes in buildings and other plumbing equipment to make sure they adhere to building rules. They can work as private contractors or as employees of a government body. A Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners license is required for plumbing inspectors working in Texas.

If you’re purchasing a property, you could anticipate that the inspection will include a comprehensive plumbing examination. However, a typical home inspection’s plumbing examination looks at three things: if the drains are complete, the toilets are flushing, and the faucets are working. A thorough plumbing inspection will cover many more items on the plumbing inspection checklist carried out by a licensed plumber.

Licensing Requirement

License applicants must have previous licensing or combined experience to qualify for a Texas plumbing inspector license. Applicants automatically fulfill the requirement with a Texas master or journeyman plumbing license. A master plumber license from another state and a journeyman license from another state may also qualify.

 Architects and engineers licensed in Texas also fulfill the licensing requirement. In the previous licensing rule, plumbing inspectors with licenses from another state with similar eligibility criteria could apply.

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Plumbing inspection types in Texas

A plumber employs various procedures to inspect the plumbing system properly.

The following are the several types of plumbing inspections:

·         Inspection using a camera

A camera inspection is convenient for examining underground pipes for suspected problems or obstructions. It’s also incredibly beneficial for sewer-related inspections. An inspection of a sewer well can be done with a camera that can go down hundreds of feet into the pipe. A high-resolution camera on a flexible rod delivers real-time photographs to the plumber for a better picture during the in-camera inspection.

·         Visual Inspection

Plumbers perform this type of check because it is the most basic and least expensive. Plumbing inspectors inspect all sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, fixtures, and connections to ensure no leaks or drainage issues.

Aside from that, the water heater is tested to ensure it is working correctly, and the water pressure is checked. After that, the plumber provides you with a plumbing inspection report that includes all the details of any required repairs.

In a sewage problem, a camera can be inserted into a sink drain to inspect the pipes inside the house or an outside pipe to inspect the sewer in the yard. These cameras feature sensors that may send out signals as soon as they detect a clog in the pipe, pinpointing the inspector’s exact location.

·       Combo

This type of inspection includes both the types of inspections like visual and camera inspection, to obtain the most accurate results possible. 

·       Robotic Crawlers

Solo robotic crawlers are the new evolution in pipe inspection because modern issues demand modern solutions. In this technique, the plumber does not physically manipulate anything while inspecting, unlike the cameras. Instead, everything is completed before placing anything within the pipe. The parameters for the line being examined are programmed into a crawler, which subsequently operates autonomously.

·       Sonic Location Tests

This option deserves inclusion even if it doesn’t apply in many circumstances as the other four on the list. Because of the walls’ thickness, a plumber occasionally needed to demolish the entire wall to find the leak’s source. There is a way to prevent this, unless it is absolutely essential, with the use of sonic location testing.

What are the Benefits of Plumbing Inspections in Texas?

  • Even a minor plumbing issue can cause severe structural and physical damage to your home. Minor issues are the most difficult to detect with the untrained eye, and if left unattended, they can quickly progress into a much larger issue. A plumbing examination by a trained plumber may be able to save you from a plumbing tragedy.
  • Even the tiniest leaks can cause significant damage that is costly to remediate. Personal property, such as pictures and keepsakes, is frequently damaged in addition to the home’s structure. The minimal investment necessary for a plumbing examination is significantly less than the expense of repairing and replacing your drywall, flooring, and ceilings.
  • Homeowners may be scared when they discover a leak and wonder where it is coming from, not to mention the damage it might have caused. You can avoid allowing leaks to take the upper hand by scheduling a routine plumbing inspection and ensuring they are quickly discovered and addressed. The peace of mind a homeowner receives from knowing their plumbing system is working correctly and safely.

These examinations are carried out in newly constructed, refurbished, or repaired buildings. In addition, PID performs inspections to ensure that fire sprinklers are installed in compliance with the Fire Department’s plans that the plan check staff has approved. In the case of nightclubs and massage parlors, compliance with the code is required before a business license can be issued, and in the case of boilers, compliance is required.

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