How can you get a SBI mini statement?

SBI is one of the trusted and largest public sector banks in India. It allows various features to its customers. It allows you to get your account statements. ATMs and Visiting home branch is the oldest way. But now we have SBI mini statement facility which includes all of your transaction information from multiple modalities such as NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, and others. There are various methods by which one can get his SBI mini statement. Means like SMS banking,mobile banking,Net banking, and etc We have listed some of them further in this article.

Various Methods to Obtain your SBI mini statement

We’ve compiled a list of five ways to check mini statements, two of which require an internet connection and the other three can be used on any phone, without access to the internet. These are usually the quickest ways to receive information about your most recent transactions. You can obtain your SBI mini statement via the ways listed below:


One of the most popular methods for receiving account mini statements is through this method. Select the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the screen in the ATM machine, input your 4-digit PIN, and read your statement at any SBI or other bank ATM.


Account holders can log in to SBI Net Banking Portal using their User ID and password, in addition to SBI Quick banking and mobile banking. After logging in, go to the ‘Account Details’ section to see a detailed list of all transactions. With the SBI Net Banking interface, you can easily manage multiple accounts, view account statements, transaction history, and more. The consumer must have a decent internet connection in order to use this service.

SMS Banking

Account holders can log in to SBI Net Banking Portal, as well as SBI Quick Banking and Mobile Banking, using their User ID and password. Go to the ‘Account Details’ area after logging in to obtain a complete list of all transactions. You can simply manage multiple accounts, examine account statements, transaction history, and more using the SBI Net Banking interface. To use this service, the customer must have a good internet connection.

Miss Call Banking

You can get your SBI mini statement via SMS. You just need to send a SMS with Text “MSTMT” to the SBI mini statement number i,e. 09223866666. After that you’ll receive a record of your last 5 transactions.

Mobile Banking

SBI has launched its mobile banking application for android and IOS users. You need to login your username with password. After that you can access your bank account through mobile.

Benefits of Mini statement service

Customers can take advantage of a variety of features, including the SBI mini statement service, with automated and unified services like those provided by SBI Quick. This has the following benefits:

  • It is faster and easier if you need a quick record of your last five transactions in SMS banking,incase of mobile banking you can get a record of the last ten transactions.
  • You can obtain your SBI mini statement by just a regular phone with simple networks and SMS facility. You do not even need a laptop or a smartphone to use this feature. 
  • The process is hassle free and the customers can even get the minor details. They can access recent transactions just by using their mobile phones through the SMS feature. 
  • Even the most backward regions of India can use this service. It is easy for the rural population to access this feature as it is simple and does not require any internet connection. 

Apart from these benefits, all the former SBI associate banks are also eligible to avail this SBI mini statement facility. Primarily, there are seven major banks in the country that are entitled for this facility. SBI has also extended this service to some former SBI affiliated banks. However, an account holder is also eligible for the missed call banking services only if he has an SBI associated bank account. In order to know the status of this service, account holders need to check this with their bank or they can do it by just sending an SMS to verify it for themselves. Apart from that, you can save the SBI mini statement number (09223866666) in your phonebook for your future reference.

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