SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number Help You Resolve the Problem

SBI offers 24×7 customer support service to its credit card customers. So if you are having trouble with your SBI Credit Card, call the toll-free number. By doing so, you will get in touch with the bank representative. Tell your problem and he/she will check what is causing the problem. Now, they get your problem resolved and you can use your credit card easily. But to get this 24×7 service for your credit card, ensure you call from your registered mobile number. And if you have changed your mobile number, update your information on the SBI portal. To do the same do SBI Credit Card account login and update your mobile number. Afterward, call customer service and get your queries resolved. Read this article to find out how it is done. 

The Process to Keep Your Details Up to Date

For the updation of your email ID and mobile number online, do SBI Credit Card Login and follow these steps –

Press the ‘click to service’ button

Go to or quick contact 

Enter your SBI Credit Card number, CVV number, and Date of Birth

Now you will get a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile and e-mail ID. The OTP is valid for 30 minutes 

Enter the OTP correctly and insert your new email ID and mobile number 

Press submit now


Use the YONO mobile app of SBI

Login to SBI card portal or YONO App

Click on the ‘My Profile’ button

Click on the ‘Quick Contact’ and then select the ‘edit icon’  

Generate the OTP and enter the same once you receive it on your registered number

Enter the new mobile number or email ID 

Click on the ‘Submit’ button

Now that your number has been updated on the SBI Credit Card portal, you can easily contact the service provider. 

Can I Check My SBI Credit Card Limit Using Registered Mobile?

Yes, as you have updated the mobile, so you can access the services of SBI. To check the balance of your SBI credit card –

SMS BAL and the last four digits of your SBI Credit Card or your TATA Card number to 5676791 from your registered mobile number.

Now your credit card limit will be sent to you via SMS. This way you can know how much more you can spend on your credit card or whether you need an additional credit limit. 

Block or Unblock Your SBI Credit Card

With just one call to the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number, you can block your credit card. Well, it is necessary to report a stolen or lost SBI card. Because if you don’t do the same, the bank won’t be liable to protect you from fraudulent transactions made from your card during the time it is stolen or lost.

When someone makes transactions from your stolen SBI Credit Card, the bank will charge the bill from you as you haven’t reported that the card was stolen. 

How to block a credit card? You can do this easily, call the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number from your registered mobile. Talk to the bank representative and tell him about your credit card. Now, they will immediately block your card as you report the same. And as the date and time for the card block are reported so if any transaction is made within this period, the bank won’t charge it from you and this will not even reflect on your monthly statement. 

So, if you haven’t linked your mobile with the credit card or changed the number, do it right now to avoid any inconvenience. Because a stolen card can put you in huge debt and you can’t do anything about it to get out of it. Now, visit the bank website, open the mobile app or call the customer care number if you can’t find your card and think it is stolen.

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