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Fun Facts About Eternity Rings

It is a common fact about Eternity Rings that they were initially designed to Symbolize the devotion and love between a couple. However, some people believe that these rings also depict a different kind of bond between a child and her mother. That is why these rings are a popular gift for mothers after giving birth to a child. 

There are a few more interesting facts about eternity rings we will try to find moving forward in the blog. Knowing them will increase the sentimental value of the ring for whom you are going to buy eternity ring 

A diamond eternity ring, set with gemstones or diamonds all around the band, is usually known as a full eternity diamond ring. However, if the diamonds are set only halfway through the band, then the ring is considered a half diamond eternity ring. If you are looking for a budget ring, then it is best to go for half eternity instead of a full eternity diamond ring. The price difference is pretty significant, as going for the half can help you save somewhere.

Most of the full eternity diamond rings that are available in the market are set in a prong, pave, channel, or claw settings. The most popular diamond ring setting used in full and half eternity rings is the prong setting. The best thing about the prong diamond setting is that it is capable of holding different diamond ring sizes and shapes.

The Roots of Eternity Rings

Traditions we uphold in modern society have roots, however tenuous – in the ancient world. The earliest fact found by the modern man about eternity rings stated that the symbol used for eternity was the circle and interpreted by Ancient Egyptians. According to their belief, it was associated with the uninterrupted bond between a man and a woman. The eternity circle can never be broken by anything, not even death.

The ring was created as a symbolic gesture to represent the union between two people. It has been found in numerous tombs by archaeologists over the last century. Initially, simple rings were carved from bone, stone, and metal. When we look at the modern elaborate gemstone designs, it appears that the eternity ring was prevalent in ancient culture even more than it is today.

While modern couple prefers to buy eternity rings instead of engagement ring due to their minimal and classic presence. It is easy to pick for a man to those who are not so good at shopping for jewelry. For this reason, these are the hot buys nowadays 

They are Worn on the Same Finger

Tradition has mandated that the eternity bands have sat either in place of or alongside engagement rings. We have the Egyptians to thank for this too, their belief that the vein of love, running from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart, needed to be represented by a ring is something couples around the world continue today. Interestingly, scientists have proved the fact wrong, but the custom is still correct for modern couples. Not only do they believe but also follow by heart.

You must be clear that this doesn’t mean theeternity rings can only be made for this finger. It depends on the choice and comfort of the wearer. However, they are now available in customized designs suited to fit on any finger, even on the thumb, as it is also in demand.

Highest of Skill Required

Due to the intricacies of their design, only the most skilled jewelers can craft eternity rings, one of the reasons they possess in such high regard in terms of value, sentiment, and gesture. In general, people buy eternity rings to present their loved ones on remarkable events in relation. 

The team needs to work on each and every area separately in order to design the band and ensures that it caters to the expertly cut diamonds to fit within the ridges.
They are extreme to resize, so extra care goes into every step. During the process, each tiny diamond is included within a strict set of measurements.

If you feel that an eternity ring is a way to express your feelings of love and commitment. You can explore the recently introduced category of eternity rings for him and her is a perfect solution. Eternity rings are no longer women’s jewelry only. Men and women both prefer to wear it as a symbol of love and commitment with their partners.

Eternity Rings = Diamond

When it comes to buy eternity rings, it is about diamond eternity ring only. Initially, these rings were created with diamonds believing that diamonds are the girl’s best friend and the diamond itself a symbol of forever love.

Eternity rings come with both half-eternity and full-eternity options in the diamond. While Precious gemstone eternity rings are also in trend nowadays. Gemstone eternity ring for women is in demand due to colors and different texture.  Some featuring gemstones other than, or in addition to, diamonds. 

As well as representing a lifetime commitment to your loved one, diamonds are also a symbol of forever love. Symbolizing, the eternal closeness, and fidelity of a couple, the sentiment of diamonds is magnified when they are set in a ring that demonstrates never-ending love.

In the jewelry industry, it’s now more usual for diamonds to be precision set. A precision set means that a machine places the diamonds into the ring to ensure a flawless finish. Complete uniformity is always needed to be achieved in jewelry. Eternity rings are known for their precise, minimal, and classic appearance.

The claw, also known as the prong, is the most popular setting for diamond eternity rings. This is due to claw settings optimizing the number of angles from which the light can reflect off the stone. A diamond is best with its brilliance and clarity.


Now that you are aware of the interesting facts related to history, significance, and techniques required to create these stunning rings, you may consider making grand gesture of giving eternity ring to your loved ones. While expressing eternal love and commitment become much easier with eternity rings or eternity bands. Most of the jewelry retailers launching their new collections dedicated to these rings.

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