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Selling Your Online Course

Enhance your online brand/presence

Educating your audience can establish you as a thought leader and a source of new knowledge. This is possible in many ways. For example, you may already have a YouTube channel, a blog, an author site, you are a keynote speaker, you are creating podcasts, or you are offering coaching / mentoring services. This is usually a good starting point for industry experts who want to share their knowledge with the public and provide Online Course.

Train your customers into using your products

Helping your customers get what they want and keeping them happy. An online course can be a perpetual onboarding system for your other services. This enables you to implement lifelong high values ​​and expectations, lower your rates, and potentially have more referrals coming your way.

Whether you are part of a business or someone interested in creating an online course, you should know:

If you have an idea, a skill, a passion, an audience, or some content that you want other people to see, create an online course and generate revenue from what you like. All you need to do is come up with an answer or a solution that serves a specific purpose for your students.

People will only come to you if they know that what you are offering is valuable and is life-changing for their own personal needs or, more often, professional needs. Your goal is to encourage them to see your course as an opportunity for growth, a journey of change that you are inviting them to join.

Create a faithful following of your current clients

Through marketing/advertising efforts and promoting your online course, you can create brand awareness and potentially attract the interest of other customers that you offer.

Platforms for selling online courses

Digital Class – Educational Marketplace

Digital Classes is a one-stop destination for online courses and educational business, the first educational market in India to reach and reach one destination for course vendors, students, coaching institutes, schools, colleges, universities, YouTubers, tutors, and live classes.

Here anyone can read and sell their recorded courses and students can buy all kinds of courses by comparing the tutor profile, fees, discounts, and other features using the advanced filter option.

The digital classroom is meant to help those looking for the best teachers and courses and the best training app to bring teachers and students together easily. Digital Classroom is an online training platform to empower teachers to build a worldwide community to provide interactive learning to students.

This is the future of e-learning and is the most useful platform for tutors to sell online courses. The important thing to note is that tutors can reach out to students globally by selling online courses in multiple languages.


Udemy is an online learning platform that helps people to develop and sell online courses. One needs to become a premium instructor to sell courses on this training platform. Currently, it has an instructor base of about 35,000.

If you are unsure whether your video tutorials are accurate or not, the platform allows you to submit them for review.


It is a study platform with free and premium plans. This platform is very useful for independent instructors who want to raise a large number of students.

Teachable was one of the first platforms to be launched in this category.

You can start your course through sales pages and gain flexibility in setting your course price.

You can get reviews about your course through Google Forms and Surveys. Plus, you can upload content and videos without much effort.


Another great online course selling platform is Ruzuku. It has partnered with payment gateways like PayPal and provided tools like MailChimp.

A complete step-by-step guide to creating online courses is provided.

This way, it becomes easier for you to start a course, generate income, and share your expertise with the public.

There are discussion forums, quizzes, and more. Teleconferencing, video broadcasting, and email notifications are some of its notable features.


The University of Michigan and Yoast use this platform to share their courses. It has a feature called WordPress Integration and Focus Mode.

It is a highly featured platform that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning.

This mode eliminates all distractions while students are passing through the course. If you like the grading system offered in colleges, then this platform is useful for you. This is because of the excellent grade book technology.

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