What Factors Shourld You Consider When chasing Plastic Curtains for Business?

chasing Plastic

PVC strip curtain make them ideal for workplaces and warehouses. They can not only separate workspaces into different zones, but they can also be used as a protection against dust, pests, heat, noise, and cold.

There are however some things you need to be aware of before purchasing curtains made of Plastic door curtains. In this article, we’ll examine the different types of PVC curtain.

It’s no surprise the fact that PVC strip roll are extremely advantageous for businesses. Not only can they serve as effective protection against pests, dust, and other pollutants, but they aid in boosting efficiency in energy by keeping heat inside or out when required.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cold storage facility or auto body shop office, factory, and even an industrial kitchen strip curtains can enhance the working environment.

There are several important aspects to take into consideration before purchasing PVC strip curtains for your company and they are:

1.) Size 

The dimensions of your space determine the size of the door or opening where you would like to put the curtains. This will let you know the number of Strip rolls you’ll need. In general 1 PVC curtain roll will cover 100 squares. ft. area.

2.) Type 

There are various types of curtain panels made from PVC on the market that are suited to specific needs. The Polar grade strip is ideal for areas where temperatures are cold and needed to stay. Strip curtains composed of antistatic material are ideal for areas with large traffic. Welding-grade PVC curtains guard welding areas against heat and sparks. projectiles that could cause serious burns. Also, in areas in which food items are kept or packed, you’ll require a Food-grade PVC strip.

3) Climate 

 Based on the climate conditions in the location, you’ll need to ensure that the PVC strips can be able to withstand the climate conditions. Cold strips are constructed of an opacity-enhancing material than those designed for warmer climates as they are required to offer greater visibility in dim lighting.

4) Transparency 

 Another aspect to take into consideration is the degree of transparency. If you want total transparency between two parts choosing transparent PVC strips is the best option. This is especially suitable in areas where there are often movements of heavy machinery.

5) Color

Another thing to consider is the color that you choose for curtains. 

Plastic door curtain are available in a variety of shades, including red, blue , green, yellow as well as white, black, and grey.

You may want your curtains to reflect the colors of your company. You may also want colors that are highly visible for security such as yellow or orange.

6.) Reputation and Experience of the Seller 

Selecting an experienced and reliable seller who can answer any questions regarding installation and maintenance is crucial.

Plastic door curtain can be an excellent investment for any business that wants to improve its operation. It will help improve your working environment in many ways.


As we’ve discovered in this article, PVC door curtain aren’t an all-purpose solution because you can modify them to meet your specific requirements. By selecting the dimensions, colors, and material it is possible to find exactly the plastic curtains you want.

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