Business Card: The First Impression of Your Business

Despite all the technological progressions, business cards are still nonpareil for your brand’s image. Business cards are essential to the branding exercise dealers take up to be ahead in the competition. The savvy planners turn the cards into striking entities with unique business card templates. The design must impeccably represent that business without any confusion.

This is why custom business card printing is an indispensable part of the process. Only a customized card can form an exclusive image of your brand with its unforgettable logo, suitable typeface, necessary space and striking color. Undoubtedly the card must hold essential details such as mail ID, phone number and website details. But it also has to sway the person with awe who is holding it.

Why Customize the Card?

Base of Card

The quality of the paper you pick replicates your products or business. If you have selected flimsy paper or printed them on low-priced cardstock, people might have questions about the quality of your brand. Standard business cards, cotton business cards, plastic business cards, and luxe business cards have some of the best bases for business cards. You can contact if you want customized business cards. If you are looking for distinctive and personalized wedding napkins, you’ve got come back to the proper place. At StationaryXpress we’ve got attractive party and wedding napkins that may add color and a gala flare to your event.

Captivating Quality

Nobody prints a business card with the mentality of failure. So that mentality of success reflects on the smallest of details. The half-eaten apple logo instantly attracted customers because of its biblical symbolism. It is addictive yet exquisite. In the same way, the logo on your business card must capture people’s interest and have meaning to you as well.


Many websites charge excessive amounts in the name of customization. So, ensure that the website you print your cards from prioritizes your needs and considers the cost efficiency simultaneously. Quality and quantity can coexist only if you choose the right websites for your cards.

Facts to Consider While Customizing

Collaborative Customization

Choose the right website that can guide you through different designs and help you to choose the kind of card you need. If the website does not understand your business policy and customers, it is better to avoid such websites.

Custom business card printing is a collaboration between your needs and the creative skills of the card printing company. So there should be an interactive dialogue between the two before a final decision. You will not print cards for your company or organization every day.

Minimalistic Customization

Suppose you are unable to make up your mind about your business card. In that case, there is always the example of a standard business card that contains the following information: name of company or logo, your name in large font and title in small font, size: 3 ½” x 2″, usually 100 lb card stock, social media accounts, fax, email, address, and phone number.

Usually one-sided, White background and use of black ink. To keep your card simple, you can do minimal customization while maintaining this standard format.

Balance of Look and Relevance

A business card must have a good sensory feel of touch and vision, but at the same time, it must be relevant. It is important to remember that a business card is not a piece of art. It is a communicative product. So don’t make it too loud or messy. Avoid fonts that are too small or difficult to read.

Summing Up

A business card is the first step. If it goes wrong, the rest of the road becomes jarring. So Consider the mentioned factors before selecting a suitable website for printing your business cards.

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