Models and prices of Small backpacks

A high-quality dog backpacks for 10 kg weight is available from the manufacturer Trixie. The Timon dog backpack by Trixie can be opened from the front and from above with zippers and has a stable shape. dalmatian rat terrier mix for higher weights for dog backpacks up to 12 kg, for example, the dog carrier from the brand Dog Carrier is suitable. Since the dog can be hooked, even medium-sized dogs can be transported.

For many dog backpacks, you pay between 50 and 150 euros. Much cheaper are the dog backpacks from Hunter. Here the smallest models are offered for 20 euros. Carrier bags to load your dog, for example, you get from Ruffwear. Ruffwear dog backpacks are available in different sizes and formats. For an XL dog backpack, you pay around 100 euros.

Note: A dog backpack is also recommended for bikers who want to take their pet on tour. Especially for medium-sized dogs, you should use a dog backpack for the motorcycle, in which the dog is securely hung and fits close to your back. Too much freedom of movement poses a safety risk.

Questions and answers about dog backpacks

Which manufacturers are there?

The following list contains the most famous manufacturers and brands in Germany

Trixie Ruffwear Hunter Petsfit DogCarrier OSPet Mogoko

What is a dog backpack good for?

Dog backpacks for transporting a dog are handy if your four-legged friend can’t walk long distances, but you still want to take him on excursions. Even in everyday life, a transport backpack for small and medium-sized dogs can be useful, for example, if you travel a lot on public transport.

A dog backpack for large dogs allows your dog to transport luggage. It makes sense, for example, if your dog wears a dog backpack while hiking and can carry water, food, and toys with the backpack himself.

Hint: A luggage bag for a dog is primarily intended as an occupation for your dog. Especially dogs that need a lot of exercise and activity are additionally utilized.

How heavy can a dog backpack be?

For a dog backpack for carrying the dog, the weight of the backpack only plays a role insofar as the total weight of a dog is not too heavy for you. More important here is the load-bearing capacity of the product.

A backpack worn by the dog should not be too heavy, as too much weight can damage your dog’s backbone and, in the worst case, lead to postural damage. In general, it is recommended to load the dog with a maximum of 10% of your own body weight.

Strong dogs can easily transport 20 – 30% of their own body weight. However, you should stick to the 10% rule at the beginning and gradually adjust the weight to the physique of the animal.

Is there already a dog backpack test from Stiftung Warentest?

The test portal Stiftung Warentest has not yet published its own dog backpack test, which is why no dog backpack test winner can be chosen at this point.

However, in a 2018 test, 21 different dog transport boxes were tested. For this purpose, crash tests and stress tests were carried out.

Is a dog backpack suitable for all dogs?

Dog backpacks are not suitable for everyone, but for many dogs. However, backpacks for dog transport only make sense up to a certain size and the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer. The common models allow a maximum weight of 4 – 12 kg. In addition, the backpacks are no longer safe and not recommended for your back.

With a backpack that the dog can carry, the restrictions are greater. Apart from the fact that a dog is only allowed to carry a certain percentage of its body weight, old and sick dogs should not be loaded with extra weight. A backpack for dogs is only recommended for healthy and strong animals.

Is the Cadoca dog backpack also suitable for older dogs that can no longer jump?

Yes, cadoca’s dog backpack can also be opened on the side so that older dogs have direct access.

For which dogs is the Youthink dog carrier suitable?

The Youthink types of terriers dog carrier is designed for small pets between 3 and 8 kg. However, medium-sized dogs weighing up to 12 kg can also be transported in the dog backpack.

In which different colors is the Petsfit pet backpack for dogs and cats available?

This special backpack can be purchased in the shades blue and denim blue.

What are the special dimensions of the Trixie 28944 Backpack Timon?

This backpack is 34 x 44 x 30 cm. It weighs only one kilogram and can be taken on trips.

Can the dibea dog backpack be completely closed?

You can completely close the dibea dog backpack. This makes it very safe. The mesh design ensures good ventilation.

How heavy is the Karlie Flamingo 31392 Trolley?

The Karlie Flamingo 31392 Trolley is a real lightweight with 2.3 kg. In this way, it can also be used as a backpack without any problems. The extra padded shoulder straps ensure special wearing comfort.

How big is the Kurgo G-Train dog backpack and for which animals is it suitable?

The dog backpack G-Train of the brand Kurgo is 33 x 53 x 25 cm in size and is particularly spacious with a volume of 1999.98 ml. This makes it suitable for both dogs and cats weighing up to 11 kg.

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