Islamic Point of View on Raising Children

Our children are the most precious gifts given to us by Almighty ALLAH, but at the same, we are accountable to ALLAH for their upbringing. Their upbringing is one of the most significant responsibilities but challenging too at the same time. Raising kids is the most challenging task as every child is different from one another, making the parenting process more difficult. It is a must for parents to instill the characteristics of good Muslims in their coming generation. Parents are responsible for teaching their kids all Islamic values and principles. In this regard, Islam has taught us how to raise our kids so that they have a personality of a good Muslim. Parents are the first teachers of their children. They are the ones the children look upon. They imitate everything their parent does, especially the beginning years, play an important in making their base strong. If parents themselves lead their lives according to Islamic values, children will also do the same. So, for kids, first, parents have to see what they are doing.   

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When they are born till their early years, children are all innocent and pure. Whatever they do is because they see such things in their surroundings because, during these, they don’t have their mind they absorb what their parents do and then they do the same. So, it is both parents’ first and foremost responsibility to lead their lives according to Islam. Children automatically adopt those qualities without much effort when their children see them. 


Islam teaches love, kindness, and mercy to everyone. These are the main elements for the upbringings of children. Children only understand the language of love and compassion. When parents want to teach something to the kids, they should be polite and kind to them in this way a child will more easily understand them. Our Holy Prophet was always polite with kids even when Imam Hassan (RA) and Imam Hussain (RA) used to climb on him while praying; he never scolded them and allowed them to do so by prolonging his Sujood. This shows that children should be treated with love and politeness. 

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Parents should offer their prayers in front of kids so that they understand the concept of prayers from an early age, and the importance should also be taught to them. A mother should pray Infront of their children, whereas a father should take mature kids to Masjid and him to make them understand the value of Salah. Parents should ask their kids to perform Salah from 7 years.


Like Salah, recitation of the Holy Quran should also be taught to children from a very early age. As kids’ early years are like blank paper, whatever they will be taught, they will understand and learn it more quickly.  


Parents are obliged to spend on their children appropriately. Parents should fulfill their fair needs and desires, but everything in moderation is good. The parents should not overspend on them and should not meet all their wishes, whether right or wrong. But yes, providing them with things they need and spending money on them in the proper manner is also taught in Islam. The Holy Prophet (SAW) also mentioned once:  

“It is a sufficient sin for a man if he neglects those on whom he is obliged to spend” Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4481


Parents should be fair with all of their children. There should not be any biasedness towards one child. Being unfair with children creates hatred and jealousy, which goes a long way. They also develop a feeling of hatred towards their parents when not treated equally. If parents want to get equal respect from their children, they should also give them all fair treatment. 


Parents should opt for a friendly relationship with their kids. The primary concern of parents should be to retain their confidence and trust when their parents will give the children a close relationship; they will find all their secrets with them. They will not hide their feelings from them and fear breaking their parent’s trust. So, the parents should try to maintain a healthy relationship with them.  

So, by following the Islamic way of raising kids, we will Inshallah make them good Muslims.  

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