How Mobile Health App Improves Our Lives?

The digital revolution has made health apps great assistance to people. With the launch of such apps, getting help from experts and doctors anywhere is no longer a problem. Thus, the use of health apps is on the rise. Also, the app developers of the best mobile app development companies are in high demand for the development of glitch-free health apps.

According to Statista, in 2022, revenues from e-health apps will reach 1,661.85m U.S dollars. Furthermore, the user penetration rate for e-health apps is predicted to reach 3.30% by 2026.

This means developing a health app will be extremely beneficial in the coming years. Health apps are certainly a benefit to our well-being and have changed our lives. But how and why? Let’s look for all these answers to understand health apps in detail.

How Mobile Health App Improves Our Lives?

What is a Health app?

A health app is primarily an application program developed bymobile app development companies. The app is primarily intended for smartphones and tablets to provide healthcare-related services. These apps provide access to doctors and health experts without having to leave their homes or go anywhere else.

Types of Health apps

In the app store, you can find a variety of health apps. However, they can be categorized based on the services they offer into three groups. Learn about the three types of health apps by reviewing the following points.

Apps for general health and wellbeing:

There are several health apps available in the app store which can track calories. Aside from apps that track your nutrition, you can also find apps that monitor your sleep patterns. It is also possible to keep ourselves calm by using health apps. They are known as stress management apps.

Telemedicine apps:

Health apps are useful for connecting with doctors. This is now possible with telemedicine apps.

Apps for health management:

Apps for health management make it possible to keep track of your health issues. Monitoring your health issues is possible with health management apps. Moreover, patients can also get access to their health records via these apps.

How helpful are health apps?

Our way of life has certainly changed since the sudden outbreak of the pandemic. For a variety of services, we have become more reliant on the virtual world. Getting an appointment with a doctor is not always possible at a time that is convenient for us.

Health App is certainly helpful in getting medical advice when we are seeking it. For this, we are certainly thankful to the mobile app development companies who develop such high-end apps for us.Now let’s take a look at how health apps can benefit our well-being and improve our lives.

Reduce the cost of health care:

It is certainly no secret that health care costs associated with different diseases can be very high. Various health care services are expensive, which means an individual has to pay a significant amount.

Fortunately, health apps can reduce health care costs. How come? A health app aims to provide advice to users on how to deal with various diseases. The use of health apps is certainly useful for monitoring diseases such as diabetes and cardiac rehabilitation. If it is possible to monitor such chronic diseases using health apps then it will make health care very cost-effective.

Reduce the cost of health care:

Delivering health care more efficiently:

With the help of health apps, providing medical care has become easier and faster. We are now able to monitor and collect health-related information from anywhere through health apps. A person can now easily track how fit he/she is by simply using nutrition-tracking apps. Additionally, people with diabetes can use health apps to receive regular health-related assistance. Dieticians and nutritionists are also accessible on the go with health apps.

A simple way for health care providers to collect data:

The health app is not just useful for patients or app users. It can also be used by those who provide health care services. Providers of various health care services are required to collect necessary data from their patients. Collecting all the information from all of the patients one by one would be a lengthy process.

Health care apps have simplified the process of gathering information. By using these apps, providers can collect vital information, such as medical histories, health reports, etc., about their patients.

A great tool for medical practitioners:

Health apps are certainly of great assistance to doctors. After all, they can also check the details of the patients through these apps. In this way, the doctors are also able to monitor the patients’ health issues. The doctors don’t need to fill out any additional paperwork. Based on the reports available through the app, the doctor can advise the patient on their health issues. This interaction between doctors and patients is so well arranged on the health app that it is much less stressful for the doctors. Therefore, health apps offer helpful benefits to medical practitioners as well.

A relief for the patients:

It is certainly difficult for patients to consult a doctor whenever they need their help. But it’s not true anymore. After all, telemedicine apps have made the process of getting in touch with a doctor or medical help very much easier.

In today’s world, patients can take advantage of various subscription plans based on their convenience. One can now easily choose membership plans for various telemedicine apps. Such subscription plans or membership offers are certainly not expensive. These apps provide access to medical assistance from a doctor on demand. Patients simply have to log in to the app and need to choose a treatment plan. They can easily send their prescriptions successfully to pharmacies. Most importantly, a patient does not need to leave his or her home to take advantage of these services.


The invention of health apps is certainly one of the most significant developments in history. By now, you may have understood how a health app can help us lead better lives. So, building an effective health app will certainly benefit you in many ways. It is, however, always advisable to hire experts to build any mobile app. Hence, you must look for companies that offer mobile app development services in India. Let the experts help you to develop an app that is certainly useful.

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