Can HDFC Regalia Credit Card Help You Save Money?

Credit cards are tools for spending money, but there is an advantage that you don’t know about. With them, you can save money. Well, yes, by using the card for your everyday purchases, you will earn reward offers from the credit card provider which can be redeemed for money or discount vouchers. So, not directly by indirectly credit cards save your money. And as the online shopping spree is spreading, credit cards have evolved their reward offers as well. One such credit card is HDFC Regalia Credit Card. In this article below you will know more about HDFC Bank Credit Card offers and other benefits. So, keep reading if you want to learn about the best online credit card.

Which Type of Card is HDFC Regalia?

It is a Reward Points Card which means it will help you accumulate points on each and every spend as per the terms and conditions. One point is equal to INR 0.20, 0.50, etc. based on your redeeming option. As many points you collect using this HDFC Card, later redeem the points and get any of the following benefits –

Flights And Hotel Bookings Via Smartbuy

You can plan your travel with HDFC Regalia Credit Card earned reward points. In this, each point has a value of INR 0.5. So, if you have collected enough points to buy a flight ticket, redeem them online and book your flight or hotel. 

Air Miles Conversion

Convert your points into air miles. This way you can avail of discounts on your travels. Each point is equal to 0.50 miles.  

Discount Vouchers

Get discount vouchers of HDFC partnered brands by redeeming your points online. In this, 1 point is equal to INR 0.35. 


At last, you can convert your points into cashback. So, what you have spent using the HDFC Regalia Credit Card will get back. One point is equivalent to INR 0.20. 

What are the Conditions for Earning Reward Points on an HDFC Card?

The cardholder will earn points if they meet the following conditions of the HDFC Bank –

  • Four reward points if you spend INR 150 spent on online or offline shopping  
  • 4 points on using credit cards for insurance, utilities, education, and rent pay.
  • 10,000 points if your total spending on the credit card is INR 5 Lakh per annum.
  • Additional 5,000 points on annual spending of INR 8 Lakhs

So, if you get an HDFC Regalia Credit Card, take care of the above conditions to earn reward points on your every swipe.

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Points?

Check out the below instructions for HDFC reward redemption

Step 1:

Do HDFC Credit Card Login 

Step 2:

Register your Credit Card 

Step 3:

Enter your Credit Card PIN to complete the registration process

Step 4:

Press the ‘Redeem Reward Points’ link 

Step 5:

Select your HDFC Credit Card, click on the ‘Continue to proceed’ to go to the Online Redemption portal

Step 6:

Click on the ‘Redeem Reward Points’ when you visit the homepage

Step 7:

Select Points Range and your item category from the displayed catalog

Step 8:

Select items from your shopping cart

Step 9:

Once you are done selecting items, click on the ‘View Shopping Cart’ link to view them. Click on ‘Edit’ to change selected items

Step 10:

Read the bank’s Terms & Conditions and click on the ‘check box’ confirming you accept the same. You can see your registered address, email ID, and contact number. In case of any error, call the toll-free number.

Step 11: Click on the ‘Redeem’ button to confirm the redemptionSo, get a Regalia Credit Card from the bank and meet your everyday needs and save money with the bank’s reward offer. To redeem you just need to do HDFC Credit Card Login. Now, apply for the card and save some money on your monthly spending.

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