Five of the Biggest Facebook Advertising Updates in 2017

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5 of the Biggest Facebook Advertising Updates in 2017

The time is now to toast! 2018 is approaching, and we’ve endured yet another year of consuming social media lives. (followers on facebook) Yes, another year of spending hours and hours on Facebook is over right in front of us.As usual, Facebook has been an element in several significant controversies. Click Here

Maybe your New Year resolves not to spend as much time using social media.

Whatever the case, as a marketer, it is your responsibility to keep abreast of social media developments and use the latest trends in your favor.

In this article, I’ll dive deeper into the seven major Facebook updates that impact you as the advertising company (or agencies!). You may find new Facebook advertising features or enhancements to help you market more efficiently as we head into the new year.

#1: Power Editor and Ads Manager Merged!

At times, Facebook might introduce tiny improvements to Ads Manager or Power Editor, either by introducing a new style to Ads Manager or updating reports in Power Editor.

Then, in September 2017, Facebook became tired of the constant updates to both platforms and decided it was better to combine them into one platform known as Ads Manager (RIP Power Editor).

The year in review of Facebook on the internet

Fortunately, the good news is that for Power Editor users, there were none of the major changes that could have a significant impact apart from changing the title. Users of Ads Manager weren’t affected either because they got exciting new features. These include:

  • There are a variety of workflows available for ads: Advertisers can choose to utilize the latest workflows available from Power Editor that allow you to design a campaign and then switch to various ads and ad sets to work with out of sequence. Experienced advertisers generally utilize this. The previous advertising workflow is still available to Ads Manager users who prefer the step-by-step guideline.
  • The ability to read drafts without using the side panel before publishing is a minor feature initially included in Power Editor, brought over during the merger. Advertisers must be cautious when using the side panel and never click “Publish” unless ready to publish. Suppose you’re making modifications that aren’t part of the side panel, such as importing ads, duplicate ads, or removing ads. In that case, you’ll need to examine drafts of the items before hitting “confirm changes” to publish.

Shouldn’t the merging be that scary, you think? The majority of the features haven’t changed, and there are no features that were removed from either.

This means that you can have a more straightforward system and not worry about deciding between the two options for managing ads.

#2: New Ecommerce and Retail-Focused Ad Formats Added

This year, Facebook decided to broaden its advertising format options, allowing more flexibility and creativity for retailers, e-commerce companies, and any seller of physical goods who wants to benefit from these attractive ads.

These product-oriented “collection” ads were announced in March of 2017.

They will allow marketers to tell an even more compelling story through their advertisements by providing the immersive experience of video (with a focus on mobile devices).

Why do we watch videos? According to Facebook, most customers say watching videos significantly affects their purchasing decisions via social media.

Large brands such as Adidas have witnessed these new formats having an enormous impact on sales as they have seen a 5.3X increase in the return on advertising.

Facebook Ads updates 2017 on Facebook collections.

What’s the issue with these commercials? What exactly are they doing?

“Tapping on a product will take the most interested people to a product detail page on a business website or app to purchase.”

#3: Exclude Content Categories

Have you ever felt happy to see your ad appearing in the public domain until you realized it was in the middle of an unpopular or inappropriate video?

If you’re selling toys for children, it’s possible that you don’t wish to see your advertisement appearing in a violent game.

Facebook realized the necessity of allowing advertisers to restrict certain types of content from being associated with their brands, so they solved this problem by introducing “Exclude 

You can select five areas: romance or tragedy, conflicts, adult content, and social issues with debate. Worrying about the content that your ad will be pair with the next is no longer necessary. Facebook will handle the work for you.

They contain some words of caution: “Note that Facebook will try to ensure your ad is not shown against the categories of content you choose to block, but cannot guarantee success in blocking your ad 100% of the time.” Although this may be used to protect them legally, it’s good to be aware. Get more followers on facebook

#4: Make Advertising More Transparent

As I stated at the beginning of this article, Facebook has dealt with many issues over the past few years Do not worry; I’m not planning to go all politically involved. However, I and many others believe spreading fake news could be highly damaging to our political system.

Facebook fake information

Let’s get details of Facebook’s efforts to improve transparency. Facebook does to increase transparency and combat spam:

  • Ten thousand people are hired to boost security. Facebook does not just depend on its powerful platform technology to combat spam and fake accounts; they’re hiring live individuals such as engineers, ad reviewers, and security specialists to detect and eliminate content that is in violation and fake accounts.
  • Blocking ads from pages repeatedly declared false. Why aren’t they doing this before? But who cares that they’re doing it now! If third-party fact-checking tools consistently flag a page as incorrect, then the page isn’t likely to be successful in advertising on Facebook for a while.
  • Facebook has shared 3000 ads with Congress! This could cause some debate. However, Facebook is now working with the government to find and eliminate any common threat.
  • Fight the spread of fake news. Facebook announced (finally) declared that they’re going to make an effort to block fake news.
  • Reducing clickbait: Who likes clickbait? Not Facebook, as they’re constantly blocking clickbait content from appearing in the newsfeed.

These are all significant changes that are reassuring to observe taking place.

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#5: New Tools to Grow Facebook Communities

In the case of many marketing professionals, Facebook community groups are the bread of their lives, and Facebook has stopped putting them on the back burner.

Communities enable groups of people to discuss a common issue, and many companies are using communities to help drive their businesses.

In June of 2017, Facebook held its initial Communities Summit, where they announced numerous new tools available to community administrators, such as:

  • Insights for Groups: It lets administrators and moderators view live metrics on growth and engagement.
  • Filters for membership requests and better cleanup: This new feature eases the burden of sorting through new member requests and lets admins establish standards for who they will and won’t accept. The new features also help remove group members and protect them from “bad actors.”
  • The capability to schedule posts: Moderators and admins of the group are often busy! They can now organize posts in advance and plan posts to help manage their time.
  • Linking between groups Administrators can suggest similar groups to their users.

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