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Asana Software

Are you stepping your foot into the project management tools category for the first time? Fret not. We are here to assist you from thick and thin. In the market flooded with project management solutions, picking the one that fits your organization’s requirements is more of a hassle. To your luck, we have handled all the troublesome parts by assessing which solutions work better in professional settings. The two top-rated solutions in this category are Asana software and Aha software. So, if you want to ace the market, these are the solutions you should go for. However, both have certain similarities and differences, so here we have penned down an Asana software vs Aha software comparison to simplify the decision-making process further. So, if you are eager to tackle your project stream with a flick of fingers, dive into this informative guide.

Asana Software:

Asana software is a robust project software for teams looking to shape their project stream. It enables teams to accomplish more in less time by handling complex workflows and databases. Asana software is used by over 75000 profit and millions of non-profit organizations as it boosts their productivity. It does much more than just project management and thus works as a single console for scalable firms. It nurtures an eminent digital transformation and helps clients add value to their projects from anywhere, anytime.

Aha Software:

Aha software is an agile software that makes it feasible for organizations to handle to undermine multiple projects at once. The vendor features a project dashboard to keep clients updated on the team’s progress. It serves as an interactive option for organizations seeking a way to map dependencies and track project progress status from any corner of the world. With over 250,000 users, Aha is the number one choice of over 5000 businesses. This self-funded platform is ranked as the 13th fastest growing firm in the US. among the In. 5000 list.

Asana vs Aha: The Similarities

The worth noting point here is that both Asana and Aha software drives companies to success. They offer a unified database with a single source of truth and unleashes the hidden potential of remote teams. Digitizing the workspaces Asana software and Aha software helps create visual ideas by setting productive strategies to stay ahead in this competitive market. The most intuitive aspect we discovered while penning down this Asana software vs Aha software comparison is that these solutions cover the marketing category, too, alongside the project management. And thus, they empower their clients with artistic and brilliant marketing programs to launch their products.

Asana vs Aha: What the Demo holds?

The demo tutorials of Asana and Aha solutions are crucial for understanding these platforms’ inner aspects. By scheduling a demo with Aha and Asana, you can readily learn about their potential capabilities. Furthermore, you can even assess these vendors in the light of your business requirements by evaluating the features offered.

Asana offers a promising demo for its clients to let them know what it provides and how it works in professional settings. The features of Asana software are elegantly presented in this few-minute demo. Also, it is shown in the Asana demo how it helps capture customer ideas.

Aha demo works for the greater good of customers, for they can look into the functionalities offered. The demo of Aha is indeed interactive because it highlights the impressive layout of the software. Furthermore, this demo reveals that it is undoubtedly easy to get the hang of the Aha platform.

Besides this, you can use the demonstration tutorials as a means to evaluate the services offered. For instance, if the demo of Asana presents its project’s dashboard, you can examine whether it’s easy to get the hang of it or not. The same goes for Aha project management software. But, here’s the catch, the demo of both these breathtaking platforms is free-of-cost.

Asana vs Aha: The Integrations Offered

Quality integrations define the functioning of project management solutions. There’s nothing more important than functional integrations because they help boost communication, collaboration, productivity, and the reporting capabilities of these solutions.

The prime integrations offered by Asana software are:


Google Drive


Microsoft Teams

Jira Software





Power BI


Adobe Creative Cloud

Pivotal Tracker



The exceptional integrations supported by Aha software are:

Jira Software

Azure  DevOps Services

Pivotal Tracker

Rally Software











Besides these, many more side integrations are offered by these vendors to meet personalized clients’ needs. This empowers organizations to set effective roadmaps, conduct meticulous marketing campaigns, and more in the long run.

Asana vs Aha: Cost structure

Now is the time to elaborate on the pricing packages in the Asana software vs Aha software comparison. The key to choosing the best suitable plan is to look for the one that offers advanced functionalities at a low cost. Let’s see which software wins the price race in Asana software vs Aha software price comparison as both are one-in-a-kind project management products.

The Asana solution’s pricing plans are cost-friendly, showcasing that the vendor is geared toward user convenience. All the pricing bundles on Asana offer highly configured features to give clients the power they desire to get their projects up and running. Asana offers four pricing plans; Free, premium, business, and enterprise. The enterprise plan is custom-built to cover global organizations’ governance needs. Asana’s cost bundles vary from $10.99 to $30.49 based on the monthly or yearly subscription.

Aha is a budget-friendly solution as it comes at a reasonable cost. The vendor knows the clients demand maximum functionality at the minimum cost and has designed all its plans accordingly. What adds to it is that a 20%  yearly discount backs Aha cost plans. Also, there’s a 30-days free trial that gives customers room to analyze if the vendor has the potential to transform their ideas into reality. The cost range of Aha is more than Asana, but its extensive range of features makes up for that. It ranges from $59 to $149 per month.

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