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When it comes to electronic health records (EHR), the Amazing Charts EMR software is the top choice for many independent US practices. Designed by doctors, the software looks and feels like a paper chart. It is designed for clinicians, not IT personnel, which makes it easy to use and allows doctors to spend more time with their patients. This software has some of the most impressive features, so you can read on to discover more about the program’s benefits and how it can benefit your practice.

Script Writer

Developed by a physician, Amazing Charts EHR is a leading choice for independent practices in the US. With the click of a button, physicians can quickly access critical patient information. The software is easy to use, saving time and reducing duplicate data entry. Its templates make patient care easier by simplifying data entry. With the help of the software, clinicians can spend more time with patients instead of documenting the same information over.

The scheduling process is streamlined and automated, thanks to Amazing Charts’ E-Prescribing feature. It uses a built-in program called Script Writer to make it easier to write prescriptions in a few clicks. The solution even includes a feature that allows you to add your patients’ favorites list of pharmacies. While this feature allows for a simplified prescription process, doctors can still input the necessary information manually.

Appointment scheduling

If you are looking for an EHR software, you may have come across Amazing Charts. Their cloud-based and server-based solutions are designed for solo or small practices and are ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use. Their software features include patient scheduling, e-prescribing, and in-built templates. Read on to find out more about how this software can improve the efficiency of your practice.

One of the key features of Amazing Charts is its e-prescribing feature, which uses ScritpWriter to generate new prescriptions quickly. Although it doesn’t replace paper charts, it does help speed up the process. It also allows you to store favorite pharmacies in your patients’ favorites lists. Overall, this feature improves the workflow of your office. It’s definitely worth checking out if your office is looking to save time on paperwork.

Booking of visits

Amazing Charts EMR is an eHealth software solution that helps automate and facilitate booking of patient appointments. Using this software, physicians can add patients to their schedule window, and then set an appointment with them. They can search open slots and edit their appointment details. They can also modify or change the duration of their visit. The scheduling window is customizable, and physicians can save and re-book appointments as needed.

Other features include patient portals and e-prescribing. In addition, doctors can securely communicate with patients through video chat. The pricing for Amazing Charts EMR starts at $39 per month and includes one amazing charts patient portal. Integrated lab results ordering and patient portals make the software easy to use. It also includes patient portals, which allow patients to view their medical records, test results, and bills online.


Amazing Charts is one of the leading EHRs and practice management software systems on the market. Despite its popularity, the company remains a cost-effective option for independent medical practices. In 2017, Harris Healthcare acquired Amazing Charts as part of a larger acquisition of ambulatory care solutions. Today, the company offers Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Practice Management, Population Health, and Remote Care to small and independent practices.

One of the key features of Amazing Charts is its E-Prescribing functionality, which allows physicians to easily write prescriptions for patients with a few clicks. The software also features a feature called Script Writer, which automates data entry for prescriptions. Those with little time can still input the patient’s prescription information manually. Amazing Charts also has the option of storing and exporting data in multiple formats.

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Integration with practice management system

In addition to the e-prescribing features, Amazing Charts integrates with your practice management system for complete functionality. It helps you to streamline the appointment process by remembering previous prescriptions and displaying them instantly to your patients. It also helps you to easily create and store an electronic superbill for billing purposes. Amazing Charts is a good choice for medical practices that want to streamline their appointment management process and integrate with their practice management system.

One of the main benefits of Amazing Charts is its one-page layout. This allows providers to access the most important information quickly and easily. Some specialties require multiple screens, and a one-page layout makes it easy for physicians to access and review information. For example, one click can access information about a patient’s allergies and medication list. This makes charting a faster process and eliminates the need for duplicate documentation. Moreover, it integrates with SureScripts, which means that doctors can seamlessly sync up all their patient’s information in one place.

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