Understanding A Slip And Fall Case Timeline

Being in a slip and fall case may not sound serious, but accidental falls can result in severe injuries. When you get injured on someone else’s premises due to their negligence, one of the questions you might ask is how long it will take to process the lawsuit. Since no two slip and fall case are the same, it is difficult to determine an exact time length. 

Personal injury cases like this can take from a few weeks to months to a year to come to a conclusion. This is because legal procedures involve several sub-categories of procedures, each of which takes its sweet time. If you have been injured, speak to a personal injury lawyer in los angeles today to get an estimate of the time length. 

The timeline of a slip and fall lawsuit 


First, the investigation to determine the liable party is carried out. During the process, your attorney will evaluate the facts of your case, speak to witnesses and gather evidence. 

Filing a complaint 

Once you find out who the liable party is, you can file a formal complaint. The complaint should include the legally necessary information and be filed at the local court. After serving the defendant with the papers, they have 20 days to file an answer. 

The response

Next comes the defendant’s response. The response usually includes an admission of guilt or denial or a statement that there is insufficient information to admit or deny the allegations. The defendant can use defenses to reduce liability as well. 

Demand letter

Once you receive the response, you can draft a demand letter. However, for that, the defendant must admit to the allegations. In the demand letter, you can include what you want from the defendant as compensation. It should also include detailed information about your damages. 


During the discovery process, all the parties involved request information from each other and review police reports, evidence, medical records, etc. It may also include interviews, speaking witnesses, hiring expert witnesses, taking depositions, etc. 

Settlement negotiations

After the discovery period, you should have enough evidence to begin negotiating with the other party. The other party does not easily offer the amount you want, and convincing them can take time and effort. Hiring an attorney in Los Angeles is recommended, especially for the negotiation process. 


If the parties cannot negotiate and settle, they may take their case to trial. The evidence and arguments from both sides are presented in court before the judge. The judge reviews the facts of the case and makes a decision. 

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