Shawn McLemore Net Worth: A Biography Including His Career And Other Amazing Facts

It is with deep sadness that announce the passing of gospel musician and New Image leader Shawn McLemore. His hometown Houston and other cities followed him avidly as a giant in gospel music. Even though McLemore has suffered several health issues over the years, he has never stopped making music. But the singer has passed away this time, leaving behind hundreds of grieving fans. 

Early life

Shawn Lamont McLemore was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 3, 1967. Shawn was practically raised as a god-loving person by his god-loving parents. During his frequent church attendance, McLemore developed a passion for music. Mclemore earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education from West LA University. In addition to his doctorate from Houston Bible College, the late singer earned a bachelor’s degree.

Shawn McLemore’s personal life

In the past two decades, Shawn McLemore and Rhonda McLemore were married. In addition to being the wife of Shawn McLemore, Rhonda McLemore is well-known as a successful businesswoman. The company Rhonda owns sells casual wear for women and specializes in plus-size clothing.

The exact date and age of Rhonda’s birth are unknown, but she is estimated to be between 35 and 45 years old. The couple has a daughter named Sharon McLemore together.

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Children of Shawn McLemore

They had a child named Sharon McLemore since Shawn McLemore, and Rhonda McLemore were together for quite some time. Only one child was born to the romantic lovebirds, so the child was greatly loved.

He was so near and dear to McLemore’s whole family that his passing was a huge loss. When he had free time, McLemore enjoyed spending it with his family and wife.


The release of Wait on Him by Verity Records on July 15, 1997, landed him at No. 33 on Billboard magazine’s Gospel Albums chart. Following Sunday Morning: The Live Experience, Worldwide Music released Sunday Morning: The Live Experience on February 13, 2007.

Due to this reason, Stand: The Shawn Mac Project, released in 2010 by Worldwide Music and Black Smoke Music, failed to chart. With Black Smoke Records and Worldwide Music, he released One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now in May 2011. The album didn’t chart, but All Music gave it a three-star rating.

Aside from Worldwide and Black Smoke, McLemore has worked with several famous recording labels throughout his career. Additionally, McLemore performed on different stages and earned fame with his fantastic voice.

McLemore’s Net Worth

His two-decade-long career wasn’t just limited to singing; he compiled an impressive repertoire during that time. His career included releasing albums, producing songs for others, and conducting choirs and concerts. Although the numbers are disputed, some sources estimate McLemore was worth $2 million when he died.   

As a background singer for artists such as Donnie McClurkin and James Fortune’s I Believe, Shawn appeared on several EPs by John P. Kee. Later, he became a soloist. Tyler Perry’s stage productions include If Loving You Is Wrong, Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned, Come Out Of The Rain, I Need A Man, Momma Don’t, and others. He also starred in a number of Tyler Perry movies. 

The gospel album chart for McLemore’s debut, Walt on Him: was topped by Billboard. In the following years, he released albums like Sunday Morning: The Live Experience, Stand: The Shawn Mac Project, and One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now. McLemore became one of the most respected gospel recording artists within a few years of the release of his first album.  

A gospel community raised funds for McLemore as he continued to suffer from a health crisis. Despite his success, McLemore was doing well. Shawn Fortune received $7,500 from singer James Fortune in April.

Shawn McLemore’s Death

In recent months, McLemore has been rallying the gospel community around a benefit concert held in April at Houston’s Community of Faith church. According to James Fortune, who spoke with McLemore in April, he will donate $7,500 towards McLemore’s health expenses. Tears welled up in McLemore’s eyes as he stared in stunned amazement at the thoughtful gift.

His life-long contributions to the gospel community made it no surprise that the church community came together to help him overcome a crisis he was experiencing. In addition to his wife and daughter’s support, McLemore faced the problems, but he was ultimately unable to overcome them, and he passed away at the age of 54.

The news of McLemore’s death was announced on Instagram by her wife on October 9, 2021. Rhonda McLemore and her daughter Sharon McLemore currently remember Shawn.

In addition to mourning Shawn’s passing, Community mourns the loss of the gospel evangelist; he dedicated his life to sharing the gospel and educating the world through his music.

Interesting Facts

The following are some interesting facts about Shawn McLemore:

  • He is originally from the United States.
  • His zodiac sign element is Earth, and his star sign is Taurus.
  • The opposition sun sign to his duality is Scorpio, and his duality is Passive.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Shawn McLemore sang what gospel song?

A gospel hit single titled “I Believe” by James Fortune and FIYA featured McLemore’s vocals along with gospel heavyweight Zacardi Cortez. It was the VIP Mass Choir and gospel legend and powerhouse John P. Kee who sang a song about him called “Jesus He’s My King”.

What happened to gospel singer Shawn Jones?

Jones died from a heart attack, according to the Echoaires from Tennessee who attended the show. According to the group, he was a true man of God. After performing in Florida on Saturday night, he suffered a heart attack.

Where is Shawn Johnson’s church located?

At Red Rocks Church, Shawn Johnson serves as Senior Pastor. He is passionate about seeing Denver transformed by God’s Word and making heaven more crowded! Shawn is the author of Transit, a book dedicated to bringing people closer to God.

How big is Shawn Johnson’s hometown?

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East recently opened the doors to their stunning Nashville home. Hello, and welcome.

Shawn Johnson retired so early for what reason?

In June 2012, Johnson announced that she would retire from the Olympic team because of knee problems.

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