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“How to wash shoes without any damage?”

Shoes are one of the expensive fashion accessories that not most people can afford to buy regularly. That’s why they find ways to keep it looking new and clean. wash shoes in such a way to keep them intact is also necessary because when you buy expensive shoes then it needs to be kept safe and secure from dust or any teething pet if you have any in your home. Same as if your shoes get dirty or dusty then you can wash them off or can clean them by following simple steps and they won’t get damaged.

Washing shoes in the washing machine?

It depends on the type of shoes; you want to wash in the washing machine. Generally, shoes made of canvas, shoes made of nylon, cotton, or polyester are safe to wash in the washing machine. These types of shoes are safe to wash in the washing machine. You need to drop shoes in the mesh bag first then drop them into the washing machine. And use a good detergent for a better result.

Wash shoes with a toothbrush

Some shoes are so kind that they don’t even get cleaned in the washing machine and they get gray. Especially light color shoes like white shoes. So, for that, you can brush your shoes. Yes, you read it right. Take a bit of baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide with water and mix it with an old toothbrush to rub it on the surface of the shoe. This will help you to take the dirt off the shoe if you don’t have a shoe cleaner kit at your home then this will help you out in making your dirty shoes clean and it is also the easiest and one of the best and most effective ways to wash shoes in a way that they won’t get damage.

Clean your shoes with an eraser

There is a product in the market as well to clean the dirty shoe, called a magic eraser. This works the same as a normal eraser works. It erases all the dirt from the shoe like an eraser erases the unwanted letters from the work. It makes your dirty shoes into a new shiny shoe that you can wear anywhere. And if still not clean then it means you need a new pair of shoes. Don’t worry if you can’t pay original prices, check the OffOnShoes website to get almost half the prices of shoes from the brands.

Clean your dirty shoelace

To clean the dirty shoe laces. Take a bowl of warm water and add some detergent, baking soda, and a few drops of shampoo. Soak the shoes for a few hours. After 1 hour gently rub shoelaces by hand and wash them with clean water and let them dry on the balcony.

Wash shoes by hand

It is the simplest method to wash shoes without any get damage. Take a bowl filled with a small amount of water and mix bicarbonate of soda, wait until it forms a paste. Then take an old toothbrush or washing brush and scrub all the dirt away from your shoes. Then after scrubbing, rinse them with clean water and let them dry on their own. And that’s how you can wash shoes without any damage.

Is it okay to wear dirty shoes?

How is it to be okay to wear dirty shoes when you are pairing them with all new clothes? Let’s suppose if you are wearing a white shirt with tie and clean dress pants, with proper hair set but wearing dirty shoes, it will ruin all your personality and if you are going for a job interview then it will give a gesture to the interviewer that you are a lazy and unorganized person. Always try to pair your outfit with clean shoes. If you have dirty and untidy shoes then try to wash shoes by following one of the methods mentioned above or if your shoes are still not looking clean then it is time to buy new shoes for yourself if you can afford new shoes.

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