Why a Cloud Based Hotel Management Software is Important and Powerful.

Accommodation businesses used to take reservations by phone and then write them down in a notebook. The hotel spreadsheet was soon followed by legacy desktop systems.

There were many mistakes and administrative loads. The information available to hotel staff was very limited. Overbookings were common and the systems could fail. This led to data loss and inefficiency.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way that hoteliers do business today. Cloud computing is software and data storage that can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. It is run remotely so it can be accessed from any device.

Hoteliers no longer need to rely upon complicated spreadsheets and legacy systems that slow down and crash, nor do they have to rely on complex legacy systems. Cloud-based hotel management software is now available to hoteliers.

Cloud-based, intuitive and easy-to-use, cloud-based tools are the best for any accommodation business. It is a powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools.

Why a cloud-based hotel software is better

1. Accessible from anywhere

Hoteliers had to work harder in times when it was impossible to access the internet or mobile software. One desktop computer was once all that hoteliers had access to. It was prone to crashing and required constant plugging in.

Cloud computing allows hoteliers to log in from anywhere and on any device. Hoteliers can now check in on their accommodation at home or on vacation.

This is especially useful for businesses that employ many staff members. Each employee has their own account, and can log in from their personal devices (e.g. Housekeeping can instantly update the front desk about cleanliness by clicking a button.

2. Reach a wider target market

Hoteliers can connect to 50+ top online travel agents and collect bookings via their website using a single, cloud-based software solution.

The all-in-one hotel software syncs seamlessly a core property management platform with a booking engine and channel manager. Hoteliers can reach more guests by listing their property on multiple OTAs. They can also collect bookings directly and receive real-time updates about availability and reservation data.

3. Integration with other tools seamless

There are many departments, guests, staff, channels, and channels that you need to organize and consider. You need efficiency in all areas to ensure that your guests have a great experience, whether you are a campground owner or a large motel or hotel operator.

Cloud-based software solutions for hotel management are a powerful tool in this area. These tools can be seamlessly synced with other software tools that are important for running a hotel business.

With just a click, hoteliers can connect with accounting software such as Xero and restaurant and bar software such as Lightspeed Kounta POS software. This allows for faster invoicing and bill-to-room capabilities.

4. Data security

Hoteliers and other business owners had to store sensitive data in a variety of places before cloud computing was invented. For example, hotel spreadsheets could lead to overbookings and inability to store credit card details of guests. They also put them at risk for being hacked. Legacy software systems were not of much assistance.

The cloud has allowed hoteliers to store and process guest credit card transactions securely. This allows them to rest assured that the security of their guests’ personal information and reservation details is protected.

All data is also stored in the cloud. This means that even if your device crashes or is stolen, your hotel data will still be there. You can log on to another device. Cloud computing makes hotel data safe and secure.

5. Save valuable time

Cloud-based software solutions can be both automated and easy-to-use. Everything is automatically organized for you. Cloud-based software solutions like Preno make it easy to automate guest reservations.

This saves time and makes manual administration much easier. Instead of spending hours manually entering data, hoteliers can focus on their guests and not worry about manual administration. Software also offers time-saving features such as automated email and other tools.

All-in-one cloud-based software solutions are a boon for hoteliers. Hoteliers have access to all-in-one and cloud computing software. This gives them the ability to use a range of automated tools, including a remote access property management, channel manager and booking engine.

Final Thoughts

You can easily move to the cloud and automate your hotel processes. Hotel industry is moving to a fully automated model. The main goal of hoteliers is to offer exceptional guest experiences. They shouldn’t have to spend hours manually managing their business or worry about data loss.

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