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Class 12th is an important and very crucial board class. Business Studies is the subject of Commerce stream in class 12th. Vidya Setu provides business studies class 12 online classes very effectively. At this stage of life, students require direction and consistent support. As class 12 th being a tedious board class requires lots of dedication and hardwork from the students. Online classes act as a boon to the aspiring students of class 12th.

In the Commerce stream, one of the important and crucial subject is Business Studies. According to Wikipedia, the academic subject which is taught mainly in schools is known as Business studies. At the university level, this subject is also taught in many countries.

The study of this subject combines the elements of organizational studies, accountancy, marketing, finance, and operations.

People who opt for the commerce stream in class 11th have business studies as one of the main subjects in class 11th.

VidyaSetu is the best online class for class 12th. As it provides high-quality video lectures free of cost. Students find the classes much easier and they can comfortably attend them. Vidya Setu is the best because of the following services that it provides:-


 Vidya Setu has the best-renowned faculty to teach and impart the video lectures. The teachers are very dedicated, skilled, and experienced in their work. The teachers at Vidya Setu impart video lectures with full dedication and hardwork. The teaching experts focus and emphasize more on making the key concepts clear to the students.


No charges or fees are there in the online video lectures provided by Vidya Setu. This facility is highly helpful to the students who cannot afford to take expensive coaching. Also, the common middle-class students get benefitted from the no fees concept.

Online facilities

 The video lectures can be played and paused easily. The exceptional online facilities are very comfortable for the student users. By sitting at home students can play the lectures in online mode which is a very comfortable thing for the students.


Vidya Setu provides informational videos on business studies class 12 online classes. The videos are of HD quality and look quite nice to watch. The picture quality of the study videos is exceptionally good,clear, and sharp.


 Vidya Setu covers all the syllabus in its video lectures. The class 12th syllabus is very vast and so it requires detailed study. Each and every topic which comes under the syllabus is explained deeply in the video lectures.


In video lectures all subjects are covered by the Vidya Setu. Class 12th all subjects are explained so well in the lectures.  The online lectures of both these subjects are available on the Vidya Setu site.

Method of teaching-

The teaching methodology at Vidya Setu is quite unique and specific.The teachers teach passionately and strive hard to make students understand all the points. The teaching methodology plays a vital role in understanding the concepts of the students. 

Previous Year Question Paper

 These sample papers help students a lot in preparing well for the main examination. Students get acquainted with the paper pattern through these sample papers. 

Latest and Updated Study Material

 Everything is in revised format and students get the updated syllabus pattern from the site. Students should remain up to date according to time. After performing a lot of research the Vidya Setu study material is prepared for the students. 

Online Mock Test Paper

Students can get benefit from the online mock tests which are there on the Vidya Setu site. These mock tests help the students to practice for the main examination. Students develop a habit to complete the paper within a specific time limit with these mock tests. The preparation level gets enhanced with the online mock tests and students are able to practice well.

Why Vidyasetu is The Best

Vidya Setu is the best web portal to have excellent HD quality video lectures. It has simplified the teaching methodology and is very useful for the young students of classes 11 and 12. The spectacular expert faculty of Vidya Setu teach passionately with full dedication. Students are able to concentrate easily on the informational videos uploaded by Vidya Setu. This way students become more focused.

Comparison chart with Vedantu, byjus

Vedantu Byjus Vidya Setu 
FacultyExperienced Most experienced Very Good
Online Facility Provided Provided Provided
FeesChargeableChargeable Free
Syllabus Not Updated Updated Completely Updated
Videos Good quality Good QualityHD quality


We see that Vidya Setu is effective online coaching for the classes 11th and 12th. One can get the best online lectures on the commercial subject business studies for class 12th at the Vidya Setu. The information provided in the lectures is the latest and up to date.

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