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In addition to being able to support cables, cable trays accesories also provide an aesthetically pleasing way of managing your wiring. Cable tray components come in different materials and styles so you can find one that best fits the look for what is required by commercial or industrial construction projects.

What are cable tray accessories used for?

Cables are often difficult to manage without the right equipment. A functional tray system has all of your needs covered with various fittings that can attach easily onto trays and allow you more room in tight spaces or support cables when they’re not being used so as not damage any fixtures along their journey.

Types of cable tray accessories:

The type of table tray used will determine which accessories are needed for your cables. For example, if you have a solid-bottom trays with maximum protection then cutters and open holes or slots in the bottom to let air through it is required (ventilated). However, this may not be necessary when using less expensive materials like plastic since they offer little cushioning against harsh environments; however, these same types can still get moldy over time so make sure there’s always plenty ventilation.

Coupler or Tray Jointer:

Coupler or a Tray Joiner is the device used to connect two things. It has screw like objects that help secure additional trays joined with cable tray suppliers, depending on application customized couplers can be manufactured.


Tee bends are used for turning the path of two cables to one way cable management. These adjustable elbows allow you flexible design with numerous sizes available, including big and small dimensions as well as horizontal or vertical orientation on any size post platform needed!

The Al Fazal Engineering team has helped countless customers by providing them customized fittings that fit their specific applications– call now if your needing help achieving this same flexibility in yours today.

Horizontal Band:

Horizontal band is a handy device for directing cables in your home or office. It can be attached to any type of tray and will curve its path so you don’t have speeding cables running all over the place.

Wall bracket:

The wall brackets have become more and more popular because they can be easily installed on any surface. They’re open structure makes them effective for ventilation, control of cables as well electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The form factor is small enough not to block access but large enough so that there will never again need an installation team with wires everywhere.

Hanging cable trays are a great way to keep your cables organized and out of the way. But what if you need more support than just gravity can offer? With these hanging accessory kits, we’ve got all sorts of solutions for situations where things have gotten too high.

Types of Cable Trays:

The following are popular cable tray types.

  1. Ladder-type
  2. Perforated type
  3. Solid bottom type
  4. Wire mesh
  5. Channel type

Channel Cable Tray

The channel cable tray is a simple and effective way to organize your wires. It can be used in any installation where space might not allow for more complex cables or equipment, such as behind furniture.

Cable Tray Materials

1. Metallic

Aluminum: Resists corrosion; excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is most commonly used because it is lightweight.

Steel: Electric shielding; low thermal expansion

Stainless steel: Superior corrosion resistance; withstands high temperatures.


Fiberglass: Nonconductive; resists corrosion; lightweight.


Cable tray systems have been used successfully in homes and businesses alike to support, protect signal cables while facilitating upgrades or relocations. Most are open-ended which allows for efficient heat dissipation then they’re suspended from ceilings or wall mounted with some that can be installed under floors tool.

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