Which pool size is suitable for which number of people?

Before we get into technical details, let’s share the experience with inflatable hot tubs in terms of size. Because in the different categories such as tetrapond bioactive pressure filter or round you will find very different information. Even if most types cannot only be classified in a certain category, the following table should still help you with the classification:

Inflatable hot tub for 2 people

  • relatively rare
  • can accommodate a maximum of 2 people, possibly 3
  • compact dimensions in cm take up little space
  • mostly rectangular, so that 2 adults are massaged from back to the foot
  • if you want to do without leg massage, you can choose very small, round pools for reasonable prices
  • Low filling quantity with fresh water

Inflatable hot tub for 4 people

  • often encountered
  • 2 adults and 2 children can be accommodated in it
  • for 4 adults usually too narrow
  • available in round and square versions
  • mostly only nozzles on the side walls
  • larger dimensions in cm, higher space and water requirements

Inflatable hot tub for 6 people

  • very common
  • It can accommodate 4 adults or 6 children
  • well suited for 4 adults
  • mostly available in angular variants
  • equipped with many nozzles
  • larger dimensions in cm, higher space and water requirements

Inflatable hot tub for 8 people

  • rarely encountered
  • suitable for up to 8 people of different sizes
  • usually too small for 8 adults
  • Available as an angular inflatable hot tub
  • many jets, various massage options
  • largest dimensions in cm, largest space and water requirement

Calculate the duration of use, how often you really want to go to the hot tub with friends, and do not forget about the operating costs. Because: The more water there is in an inflatable whirlpool, the higher the water costs. At the same time, the energy requirement for heating and pumping is higher.

Tip: Always pay attention to the number and arrangement of nozzles. Depending on whether you are just looking for a little message on the back or wellness for the whole body, the nozzles should meet the requirements.

Inflatable hot tubs in tests: What details should be considered when buying?

We will not choose an inflatable whirlpool as the test winner as in other guides but will point out important details in our purchase advice. But which inflatable hot tub is the best? The best inflatable whirlpool convinces with the right size, a variety of massage jets as well as decent pressure via the supplied pump, and a suitable price-performance ratio. If you want to buy an inflatable hot tub, then you shouldn’t just take some cheap one with you at Aldi.

Is the pump included? Is the pool supplied with a ladder and heating?

You protect an inflatable whirlpool if you climb it via an A-shaped ladder and also get out again. Otherwise, the frequent climbing of adults and children ensures that even very robust materials suffer and crack.

More important than the ladder, however, is a powerful pump that allows the inflatable whirlpool outdoor its massage function via the nozzles. The pump is also the most important inflatable whirlpool accessory, otherwise, the water will remain cold. In very cold water, which only reaches pleasant temperatures in midsummer, the muscles cramp too much. But now you have opted for a large or small inflatable whirlpool because you want to relax in it.

Make sure that the pump reaches temperatures of 40 or up to 42 °C. For use, you need to know: The pump only manages around 2 °C per hour as heating, so you have to calculate a certain lead time before the first use or after a break in use.

The pump must also filter the water, best tetra pond system as even an inflatable whirlpool as a Jacuzzi is heavily burdened by impurities and skin residues. In addition, the pump takes over the inflating of the pool after installation.

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