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Information about the NZeTA

  • What is an NZeTA?NZeTA is an acronym that stands for “New Zealand electronic Travel Authority”. It is an electronic travel authorisation (visa waiver) that allows for travel to New Zealand without a physical New Zealand visa. The NZeTA is cheaper, faster and easier to apply for than a physical visa stamped into the passport by the embassy. The NEW ZEALAND VISA FAQ is electronically linked to your passport.

    An NZeTA can be applied for by travellers of certain nationalities, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. The use of the NZeTA is subject to a number of requirements. You may only use the NZeTA for tourist travel, to visit family or friends, for a transfer in New Zealand, for amateur sporting events, for business travel or for short study trips. You may not be employed by any organisation in New Zealand, including for volunteer work. Travel for medical purposes is also not permitted.
  • Do I need an NZeTA or visa to travel to New Zealand?You always need a visa or NZeTA if you travel to New Zealand by plane or cruise ship. The only exception is for travellers with a New Zealand or Australian passport. You also need a visa or NZeTA for a transfer in New Zealand, except if you are travelling on to Australia. The NZeTA is the easiest and cheapest way to meet the visa requirement, if you meet the conditions.

    An NZeTA is suitable for travellers from the United Kingdom, all EU countries (including Ireland) and Switzerland, among others. The NZeTA visa can be applied for completely online. After your application has been approved, you will receive your travel authorisation by email. Once you have received the NZeTA, you can immediately leave for a holiday, a business trip or a short study tour to New Zealand. An NZeTA is valid for a period of two years, and within these two years you may travel to New Zealand as often as you like. However, each stay may not not exceed 3 months.

    Instead of an NZeTA, you can also apply for another type of visa for New Zealand. This is only recommended if you want to travel to New Zealand for a reason other than a holiday, business or study trip. It is more complicated and more expensive to apply for another type of visa for New Zealand. If you want to join an organisation in New Zealand, you are not eligible for an NZeTA and will need to apply for another type of visa through New Zealand Immigration.
  • How long is an NZeTA valid for?An NZeTA is valid for two years from the time it is approved by New Zealand authorities. Within these two years, you may travel to New Zealand as often as you like. However, each consecutive stay may not exceed 3 months. Furthermore, with an NZeTA visa, you may not spend more than 6 months in New Zealand in any 12-month period.

    The validity of an NZeTA is linked to the validity of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your planned departure from New Zealand. Is this not the case? Then your NZeTA is no longer valid. If your passport expires less than 3 months after your scheduled departure, you must first apply for a new passport. Once you receive your new passport, you will also need to apply for a new NZeTA to travel to New Zealand.
  • What are the requirements to travel with an NZeTAYou can apply for an NZeTA if you have the passport of a country that participates in the New Zealand Visa Waiver Programme. All countries in the EU are members of this programme, as are the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Travellers from these countries can therefore apply for an NZeTA without any problems. Do you have another nationality? On this website, you can check whether you are eligible for an NZeTA.

    Additionally, you must already have a return or transit ticket upon arrival and be able to prove that you have sufficient financial means for your trip to New Zealand. You cannot apply for an NZeTA if you have been convicted of a crime that resulted in a prison sentence, or if you are suspected of a crime that may result in a prison sentence. You must also be in good health to travel on an NZeTA. This means that you may not have any serious communicable diseases, and you are unlikely to be a major burden on New Zealandʼs health service.

    You may travel to New Zealand with an NZeTA for a holiday, to visit family or friends, for a business trip, for amateur sport or for a short study tour. If the New Zealand government suspects that you are seeking employment (paid or unpaid) with an organisation in New Zealand, your application for an NZeTA will be rejected.
  • I have a criminal record or received a traffic fine, what do I do?If you have a criminal record or a traffic fine, you can in most cases travel to NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA.

    Have you been convicted of a violent or drug-related offence, an immigration-related offence, dangerous or drink-driving, or a sexual offence? Or are you suspected of an offence that could lead to imprisonment or have you ever been given a prison sentence? In all these cases, you cannot apply for NZeTA.

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