New Zealand Visa Waiver Requirements from Poland

Travellers from Poland who would like to visit New Zealand to register online for an NZeTA. The New Zealand Travel Authority is an obligatory requirement for citizens of visa waiver countries, including Poland, in order to enter the country.

The government of NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR POLAND CITIZENS has rolled out a new electronic visa waiver that is a mandatory travel requirement for many countries since October 31st, 2019.

Polish passport holders are one nationalities eligible to obtain an NZeTA visa waiver online prior to their arrival in the country.

The online NZeTA application process is easy to complete, fast, and convenient for the travellers and does not require having to visit a local embassy or consulate.

The travellers receive the NZ Electronic Visa Waiver via email and can then print it out to take with them to the airport when they travel.

The NZeTA is also required for Polish nationals transiting through New Zealand on their way to another destination.

The NZeTa is a mandatory travel document for Polish citizens who wish to visit New Zealand for tourism, leisure or business for up to 90 days per stay.

However, travellers who intend to stay in NZ for longer should like to consider should consider which of the tourist visas offered by the New Zealand government fits their travel needs.

eTA New Zealand application form for Polish nationals

The application for the NZeTA from Poland is quite simple and straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. In order to successfully complete the process, Polish applicants need to make sure they meet the NZeTA requisites.

In order to apply for the NZeTA, Polish citizens need to fill out the online application form with their basic personal information such as their name, date of birth, address as well as their passport details.

It is important for applicants to provide accurate information while filling out the form.

Any discrepancies between the information provided and that on the traveller’s Polish passport might result in delays or even a denial of the visa waiver.

Travellers will have the opportunity to review the information entered on the form before submitting it. Please note it can take up to 3 business days after the online application has been submitted for the traveller to receive their eTA New Zealand at the email address provided.

The NZeTA visa waiver grants Polish holders multiple entries into NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA with a maximum length of 90 consecutive days per trip during its 2-year validity.

A printed copy of the NZeTA should be taken to New Zealand as it will have to be presented to Immigration and Customs Officials alongside their passport at the New Zealand port of entry.

NZeTA for Polish Citizens

Basic requirements for Polish citizens to enter New Zealand

The New Zealand government requires Polish citizens to have a current passport with a validity of at least 3 months past the intended date of departure from New Zealand.

Applicants staying in New Zealand are also required to pay a processing fee as well as a tourist tax called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourist Levy (IVL) at the time of application.

Both of these may be covered by Polish applicants using a valid debit or credit card when completing their eTA NZ form. The IVL is used to support the tourism infrastructure in the country and help preserve the natural environment of New Zealand.

Health information for entry into NZ from Poland

Travellers visiting New Zealand from Poland will be asked to answer some questions pertaining to their health while filling out their NZeTA application form.

This includes disclosing whether they are travelling to the country to seek medical attention or treatment.

Criminal record information to enter New Zealand

Travellers from Poland, just as all other NZeTA eligible citizens, will also have to answer questions in the NZeTA form ascertaining their good character.

Applicants are advised to respond honestly throughout their NZeTA application form since any omission or error may lead to their NZeTA being denied.

According to the government of New Zealand, a good character entails that the person has never been deported or removed from another country.

Additionally, they do not have any criminal convictions on their record that might pose a threat to the New Zealand public.

Circumstances that require Polish citizens to get a visa of an NZeTA

Whether or not a polish traveller should apply for an NZeTA depends on a number of factors including:

  • The intended length of their stay in NZ
  • The purpose of their trip

Polish citizens who intend to stay in New Zealand for tourism or bussiness under 90 days may do so with an NZeTA.

On the other hand, travellers who wish to stay longer, are visiting the island country for work, to further their studies, or wanto to join family members who already reside in NZ will need one of the several visas the New Zealand government offers.

Those who are not sure whether they require a visa to enter NZ are advised to visit a New Zealand embassy or consulate.

The government’s personnel will counsel on the type of visa that best suits the traveller’s needs and provide information about the requirements and conditions that must be met.

Please note that, although the NZeTA for Polish citizens has a processing time of up to 3 business days, obtaining a different type of visa for New Zealand may take quite a bit longer.

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