5 Factors to consider before choosing a shisha

Shisha is a combination of tobacco and cannabis smoke. It is commonly used in two ways: smoked or dissolved in a drink. The tobacco and cannabis smoke mix creates an incredibly smooth and potent smoke. Shisha is famous for two things. One is its pleasant smell (fruit and flower essence), and another is the nicotine content (it helps you feel relaxed and puts you in peace).

Many shisha shops online provide the whole kit for one to enjoy. However, buying one is often confusing, especially for beginners, as it involves a long process. Various aspects like the brand, the type, the material, and the budget must be considered.

Here is a guide to help you in choosing a shisha.


Shishas are made of many materials like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, silicone, and glass. Of all these, stainless steel shishas are the most expensive. You can also find them decorated with gold and wooden carvings. These are way more costly. Also, there are different designs of shishas other than the standard ones.

The peculiar ones are costly when compared to the standard ones. Apart from the main piece of shisha, it has many accessories like a mouthpiece, bowl, glass base, etc. Some shisha shops sell everything together, but many sell accessories separately, making them expensive. So decide the material and design that fits into your budget and check whether the accessories are sold together or not.


Ignoring the reputation of a brand is not a good idea. You can use the internet as a source to assess their performance by learning their history, reviews, and customer service. Do visit their website and know the products available. Take time to research well to find the best one with less price.

Height and weight

Shishas come in different weights and heights. The material used is the main reason behind the difference in weight, and it has nothing to do with the quality. It is just a personal preference. The maximum standard height of the shisha is 75cm.

Everybody is comfortable with the standard height and thinks it is easy to handle. However, a small shisha will be more suitable for someone who travels a lot. Similar to the weight, the size of a shisha does not affect the performance, but it can hold more smoke within its glass base.


It is a modern facility in shisha. It became very famous when introduced. It helps in reducing the noise and makes drawing smoke effortless. In a typical shisha, a diffuser is found in the bottom part. It is easy to clean as it is removable. It is a perfect choice for beginners for effortless smoking.

Hose ports

Ensure there are few hose ports. Hose ports indeed give a dramatic look, but it directly affects the performance of the shisha. Generally, the hose ports must be closed with the help of a finger when not in use.

When there are multiple hose ports, many will have access to it, and when even one forgets to close the hose, the smoke will leak, and the intensity will be lost soon. Many stick to one hose port to enjoy the ultimate experience.

Thus, when buying a shisha, look for all the features mentioned above for a quality smoking experience. Hope these factors will help you land the best one.

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